At Valgotech’s Energy Research and Development (VERAD) Center in Indiana, one of the key products we are developing is practical lithium sulfur (Li-S) batteries. Valgotech’s batteries are made of sustainable sulfur-carbon cathode materials that provide superior benefits to customers:

Valgotech’s proprietary battery materials (separator and cathode) and unique cell designs prevent thermal runaway (fire) common with lithium-ion batteries. Li-S batteries also have theoretical energy density that exceeds 10 times that of lithium-ion cathode materials, making them lighter weight. Sulfur is also abundantly and cheaply available, resulting in a lower cost battery system. Our goal is to jumpstart local battery cells manufacturing by removing the supply chain challenges associated with foreign-sourced lithium-ion cathode materials like cobalt and manganese.

600 mAh capacity Lithium-Sulfur pouch cell (A) before and (B) after packaging

Our target customers include drone manufacturers, battery pack designers and integrators, satellite manufacturers, electronic devices manufacturers, and military electronics manufacturers.

Devices and batteries used by a US soldier during an operation carrying a total of 70 batteries weighing at 7kg

Source: J. J. Kang et al.: No Soldiers Left Behind: An IoT-Based Low-Power Military mHealth System Design

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